Cutting the Cord

Well, it's wild how quickly you can go from reading baby books about sleep to having a teenager going into high school that sleeps half the day away! Wild is one word to describe parenting teens, but thoughts like strange, tumultuous, surprising, and sad also come to mind. It's most recently having both a 6th... Continue Reading →

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Happy, yes Happy New Year!

Wow, 2020 seemed like one long, strange year littered with unexpected trauma. Loss of control. Unexpected twists and turns. Lies. Hate. Violence. Unrest. Confusion. Everyone has been living on edge, and this pandemic has forced many of us to make changes we didn't want to make. We weren't prepared to take. If you were lucky,... Continue Reading →

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Black Lives Matter

Actions speak louder than words. It's so easy to speak your opinions, even if you have no backing information for them, than to stand for them. It's a struggle because we often times don't know what we can do when there's a pandemic or we aren't directly impacted. But today, BLACK OUT TUESDAY, I think... Continue Reading →

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Our Homeschool

We weren't prepared for this. Who was? At first, my kids were pumped to start their spring break a day early! Shoot, I was too. Little did we know we were ending the school year just like that. No more soccer games, no more sleepovers, and no more school. No end-of-year parties, dance festivals, or... Continue Reading →

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Opportunities in the midst of suffering

And while this is all very serious, completely life-altering, and will certainly produce an irreversible impact for years to come, I also think there are so many wonderful things that are happening as a result of this forced shut-down.

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The stages of grief with Covid-19

Yesterday morning it hit me. This is real, like a real threat that is changing the way we live. I have been taking seriously but I was pondering why many others are not. Why is it that some people are afraid to leave their house while others are packing in crowded beaches? First, it may... Continue Reading →

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Why what we do in a crisis matters…

How we react as parents in trying times will shape our children. Whether we overreact, underreact, or complain shapes our children's reactions. Right now, we are faced with an worldwide pandemic. If you'd asked 2 weeks ago if I was worried about this, I would have said less than 10% concerned for my community. If... Continue Reading →

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As humans, we want to categorize. Look at elections. You choose a party to vote with. Look at forms. We have to check a box for race, sex, and age. We default to labeling people by their skin color. Our brains want to sort through stuff, to categorize. It's tempting and even natural to do... Continue Reading →

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Braces and phones…the middle school years

Why the hiatus from writing? I too have wondered. Parenting is in full-swing. This school year couldn't be more eventful. So, I have plenty of thoughts about parenting and children to share. Yet, it's difficult to digest, synthesize, and explain it all. Why? Maybe it's because time is speeding up! Maybe because it's not so... Continue Reading →

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Back-to-school blues

The first couple weeks of school are pretty exciting with new teachers, new friends, and new classes. We are all pretty tired that first Friday after early-morning starts and afterschool activities. But, it’s not until about now that this new routine really starts setting in. And, it’s tiring! The early-starts that go against the teenage... Continue Reading →

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Summer, slow down

Can you believe it's already July!? We'll blink and soon it will be fall. 'Time flies when you're having fun' so we all must be having a blast! Or, maybe time seems to zoom by when you're a parent and juggling busy schedules. Possibly, summer is quickly over because we yearn for it to last.... Continue Reading →

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5 years ago today…

It was 5 years ago today, after a week of not sleeping, that we prepared ourselves for the most important day of our son's life. Some might think of that day as their baptism day, or their first day of kindergarten, or even a graduation date. But, sadly this fateful day 5 years ago was... Continue Reading →

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