All I Want for Christmas….

It may look like the 'most wonderful time of the year' in store windows. And, it is super exciting to many sweet children as they anxiously awake to search for their elf, get their Christmas tree up, go ice skating, and make their Santa lists. For my friends that are reading, you do those fun... Continue Reading →



The word 'community' can describe many types of mini-societies each with their own set of rules and norms. From classrooms, to neighborhoods, to churches, teams, and clubs, small groups can be powerful shapers of our society. Communities can be impactful small groups of average people doing above average things to make our larger community, or... Continue Reading →

Count Your Blessings

Isn't this a lovely time of year? It's finally cooled down. The leaves have changed giving way to cool breezes, nice walks, and all the fall events we love. Exciting Halloween has passed but we still have our pumpkins and 'thankful' décor for another couple weeks. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday with no gifts expected,... Continue Reading →

Race-day jitters

One week from today is the third annual Starry Night Knoxville. I've been planning this for months. It's a lot of work and this year, I actually questioned whether it's worth all the work at times. But, although it is a choice, it's really more of a calling and doesn't feel like I can quit... Continue Reading →

Find your passion

It's been awhile, and I mean AWHILE, since I have had any type of extra energy or brain space to write. It's one of my outlets and favorite things to do. In fact, I have been journaling since as young as I can remember. Blogging became my journaling a couple years ago and I was... Continue Reading →

It Takes a Village!

The phrase, "it takes a village" is still alive and well in my world. How about yours!? Being a parent it tough. Being a working parent is crazy. Being a single parent....hats off to you! Raising children is demanding and I couldn't do it without my village. So for a second, I want to give... Continue Reading →

Good husband award

All day long, I could brag on my children. They make me happy and proud every day.  I spend a lot of Facebook feeds showcasing them and writing about them as their proud mama. Like y'all, I have thousands of pictures of them on my phone because they make me happy! I just can't imagine... Continue Reading →

One Day

This first full week of school has hit like a ton of bricks. The honeymoon is over. By Friday, the littles were crying missing their moms. The kids and teachers are already getting sick. The teachers are already referring to the School Counselor (me!). And, we are already way more tired than we should be... Continue Reading →

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