No one is really talking about the middle school boy. In utero, moms read countless books on 'what to expect'. During first 12 months of our baby's lives, we were closely monitoring, recording, and discussing milestones with the pediatrician and in mom groups. We were still reading, comparing, and stressing about if our child was... Continue Reading →


‘C’ team and I’m fine

I've taken a day to marinate on these soccer thoughts... After some time to reflect over the past day, I realized that what I wanted to share has 10% to do with soccer teams, and 90%+ to do with life. Yet, I wouldn't have come to this conclusion without taking some time to reflect, and... Continue Reading →

Growth chart and finger pokes

The last couple weeks have been a real gift. Not just all the free days off of school but also the gift of doctor's appointments. There was a random moment before school on Friday at 7 a.m. when I suddenly realized that I have everything I need in my life.....Yes, I am celebrating mundane, scheduled... Continue Reading →


Some people are born more sensitive to the world. Some people are just more aware of the world's problems. Some wear their heart on their sleeve. We are all wired differently. And, many people aren't honest about this. Often, people are afraid to talk about how they really feel so they internalize.

Peaceful New Year!

"Happy New Year" is overused. When you look back at 2018, do you think happy? Maybe...hopefully, or maybe not! When I think back on 2018, I can solidly say there were many tears shed, fresh gray hair formed, and many new wrinkles created! It was a challenging year not just for us but for many... Continue Reading →

All I Want for Christmas….

It may look like the 'most wonderful time of the year' in store windows. And, it is super exciting to many sweet children as they anxiously awake to search for their elf, get their Christmas tree up, go ice skating, and make their Santa lists. For my friends that are reading, you do those fun... Continue Reading →


The word 'community' can describe many types of mini-societies each with their own set of rules and norms. From classrooms, to neighborhoods, to churches, teams, and clubs, small groups can be powerful shapers of our society. Communities can be impactful small groups of average people doing above average things to make our larger community, or... Continue Reading →

Count Your Blessings

Isn't this a lovely time of year? It's finally cooled down. The leaves have changed giving way to cool breezes, nice walks, and all the fall events we love. Exciting Halloween has passed but we still have our pumpkins and 'thankful' d├ęcor for another couple weeks. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday with no gifts expected,... Continue Reading →

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