Cookie Crumbs!

Kids notice everything! Everything!!….So, last night, my eight year old son busted me, totally busted me. As we were talking about Friday night plans, I told him about an open house for a friend, a friend who is a nutritionist, at her new business.  She was going to have a bounce house, with food and drinks. Brody wanted to know if they’d have fun drinks. By ‘fun’, he meant COKE! I told him I doubted it since she is a nutritionist who cares about food and health! Then, he decided, he didn’t want to go. (fair enough if they’re just going to have broccoli and hummus, right!?) I reminded him that I care about food and health too.

He said, “Well if you do, then why do I see plates with crumbs on your nightstand every morning?! You must have been eating cookies!”.  I started in with a guilty giggle. “And, why do I find plates with chocolate syrup?”. (more giggles)…”And, why do I see chocolate icing like you just had cake!? And, what about all those brownie crumbs!?”. It’s all true. Totally busted, with lots of laughter. Laughing because I, too, have guilty indulgences. I, too, try to sneak things. I, too, have a HUGE sweet tooth. Totally busted!

And, if you’re busted, I sure hope the crumbs they find are sweet! Kids will know what you’re up too. The evidence of your life is everywhere. They are detectives looking for clues into their esteemed parent’s life. Trace your steps. But, most importantly, be ok with what they find. Whatever crumbs you leave behind, make sure they are sweet and rewarding.


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