My Report Card


We recently received the interim grades at school. And, just like the other report cards, it was predictable. Fortunately, we are still in the elementary school stage of paying-attention-in-class-is-enough phase. Proud and unsurprised, I admired my children’s good grades. I do not look forward to the hours of studying and homework that are yet to come. So, for now, we enjoy being on cruise control.

Then, I thought, am I also on cruise control? What if we, as adults, were to receive these same report cards? What if we were graded in math, language arts, science, social studies, P.E., music, art, and behavior? How would we fare? E, S, or N? A, B, C, D, or U!? How would I fare!? Not to mention looking at our attendance and tardies? Now, this is a scary thought!

I admit that I wouldn’t have straight A’s or E’s! In fact, I think I would need to work on several subjects. And, aren’t all these subjects important to always continue to work on? As adults, we sometimes think we have checked things off a list or fulfilled our requirements but what if we were still being graded?

Now, for the first five years of both of my children’s lives, I gave most, and sometimes all, of my time to them. I think they were tiring and rewarding hours well-spent that will pay off. There were plenty of excuses not to read, understand world news, do math in my head, exercise, do creative things, or just give myself time to grow. I was too exhausted and busy helping my children grow and learn. The report card then was the growth chart and doctor’s visit, the first laughs and words, and the milestones reached.

Now, however, I can and should be making time for growth of myself. I may have had passing grades but now I want to get back on the honor roll. Perfect attendance isn’t my goal, but I need to be present. I also challenge you to give yourself grades. Seriously, what would you get in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, P.E., Music, Art, and Behavior? These remain the basics in life and we may be neglecting to continue to learn. I know using my Iphone to do math I should do in my head isn’t helping raise my grade! As adults, we often times choose to take the short-cuts and get the cliff notes! Is that what we also expect our children to do. (ok…. maybe every so often, yes!)

What are the areas in which you struggle, and can you make time to improve? We all need to do our homework, take notes, and listen. Just like our kids, there’s always to growth to be had. This is only the interim, folks! There’s still time to bring up our grades.


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