“I told them we would hear things we didn’t need to hear”

Thanks to Holly Eddins, Brody got an invitation to visit the local news station and go behind the scenes this evening. He had no expectations but agreed to go mainly so he could hang out with his buddies. Jokingly, I texted this mom to ask if they’d be on the news and she told me to record it just in case. With a couple minutes to spare, I ran upstairs to record the show just in case. Sure enough, they had their 20 seconds of fame. The camera crew had a cute shot of all five kids lined up and waving with huge grins on their face. When I saw it, I started jumping up and down and screaming. They’re famous! It takes that little to excite me and make me proud! (maybe I need to get out more!;)

When he got home, he was really excited to tell me all about the chocolate croissants they got to sample, the goody bags they gave them complete with new headphones and fancy chap stick, and all the nice news people they got to meet. They really treated them right at ‘Live at Five’!  Shortly after, he said solemnly, “I told them we would hear some things we didn’t need to hear.” Did Matt Hinkins curse? Did Russ Blevins yell at the camera crew? What!? He repeated, “I told them (his friends) that they’d hear some things they shouldn’t hear, like about the fire.”

What a funny, good boy. He listens to his counselor mama who acts like a horror movie has come on if the news just happens to infrequently pop up on our t.v. In the event that we are transitioning into OnDemand or changing channels and the news comes on, I will rush over and tell them there’s nothing on there they need to see.

I see no reason why children in elementary school should be watching the news these days unless it’s a weather report about snow! The news is full of tragedies, scary stories, and violent events. I see nothing good that comes of exposing children to the harsh realities of life. In fact, I am all about sheltering them for as long as we can.

As a School Counselor, I can tell you that nothing good comes of sharing unnecessary news. Unfortunately, some parents don’t give it much thought. I have counseled many anxious, upset, and scared kids who learned of news that didn’t involve a family member. Yet, due to not sheltering them, now they have something new to worry about. It’s not necessary. It doesn’t help. And, yes, it can harm them.

I have even had the experience of a well-educated, reputable teacher act annoyed and surprised that her fifth grade students didn’t watch the news. It was if they were uneducated and uninformed. I disagree. And, if you have young children, you should too.

A counselor friend and I recently attended a counselor meeting where the recent bus tragedy came up. A veteran counselor was also surprised that her kids at her rural school didn’t know anything about the accident. My friend and I both said, why should they? Both having young children, we agreed that there are many things children do no need to know because it won’t help them in any way. So, yes, I do shield my children from some things because sometimes ‘ignorance is bliss’! Not ashamed.

I just wish more parents gave it more thought. I see no reason to rush. Now, Brody didn’t loose any sleep over the fire news because this light news show spent 10 minutes showing how to make chocolate croissants and that’s his lasting memory! Some kids can’t handle worrying about the what-ifs, though. Mine cannot and should not. So shootings, fires, murders, rapes, robberies, and disasters can wait. There’s plenty of time left to worry!


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