Basketball Diaries

No, Brody didn’t make his first 3-pointer. No, Brody didn’t make his first layup. In fact, no, he has yet to score a single basket and the season is almost over! Yeah, basketball may not be his sport! Yet, he’s not complaining. He gets lots of exercise, and he acts like he somehow has fun despite the fact that he knows he’s not good. He realizes that the worst player on the other team will guard him. And, he doesn’t tell me this sadly but just as a matter-of-fact.

My son is not at all Mr. Positive so this is not to say he always looks on the bright side. Remembering back to the two first basketball practices, he “felt like a fool”. So, I’m glad that he hasn’t developed a negative attitude about it with a loosing season and less than stellar skills.

This past game that I skipped, he was upbeat to tell me about this “mean” kid on the other team who was grabbing his shirt. He told me about the two boys who were guarding him; the “mean” one was the aggressive one. But, Brody was so excited to tell me about breaking free from him. He also was inflated when he told me that he thinks he was the fastest and beat them down the court every time. As he went to hop in shower, he boasted that he has gotten stronger, “look at my muscles!”.

White boy can’t jump‘ but that’s ok. There is such a simplicity and innocence to this age, and I want to soak it up, embrace it, and carry it as long as we can. All we can do is our best, and that is enough. Celebrating breaking away from “mean guys” or running our hardest is an accomplishment to feel proud of whether we are eight, or thirty eight!basketball2


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