One Hundred Cotton Balls!

The Kindergarten kids recently celebrated the 100th day of school! Woohoo, we’re over half-way to summer and freedom! So in addition to fun in-school activities, the children brought home a flyer requesting ‘we’ make a 100-day poster with 100 of an item of our choice. I threw out some suggestions to Anna and she decided we’d make a 100 cotton ball snowman. (I’m still holding out hope for a snow day so still have Olaf on my mind!).

Anna began counting out her 100 cotton balls , and NO, she did not want me to count along with her. (Most would be surprised with how headstrong and opinionated my sweet, little shy girl can be!). Next, we began gluing the snowman body. Unlike her father who would have carefully, evenly distributed the cotton balls before beginning to glue, we just eagerly started gluing down the first circle for the head. Then, we started started on the body still working together. Since we haven’t laid it out ahead of time, we realized there wouldn’t be enough to make 3 circles and Anna was super annoyed. At this point, I came up with a couple solutions, all of which she did not like! So, I suggested we take a break and do it later. She also didn’t like this idea. This is where I walk away and tell her she’s on her own, a little disappointed because I know it’s not going to be the super cute vision I had.

Twenty minutes later, Anna proudly comes upstairs carrying the completed Snowman with legs using the extra cotton balls, colored white snow on the black background, and drawn-on arms because she didn’t like my idea of using real sticks. While I was reading, she was completing her vision. And, it turned out really well.

When I looked at the many other creative posters this week at school, I definitely could tell the parent creations vs. the children’s. And, there’s nothing wrong with either. Yes, I wanted the perfectly balanced snowman with real stick arms and a carrot nose but my daughter didn’t want or need my help. This week, I decided that it’s more important to support her vision than have the picture-perfect poster. Good job, Anna.

(Wish I had a picture but her poster is hanging in the hall outside her classroom so I’ll add one later)


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