My Punishment is Over!


After last Monday’s stunt, I had to dish out a serious consequence for my sweet, little children. It seems like they have been watching a lot more movies this winter than average. It has been super wet and gloomy (I tell myself, especially on one weekend where Brody logged 5 movies in a weekend!). So, I thought a good one would be no electronics for the week including t.v., computer, and I-pad, which Brody has also gotten back over the course of this winter on the weekends and breaks. No electronics or t.v., or gum Anna, for the week. Decided.

What I didn’t think about was the possibility that we’d be out of school ALL week again. Who knew!? What started out as a punishment for them was also a punishment to me now! Starting first thing, at 6:30 when Anna gets up even when we don’t have school, Anna watches a couple OnDemand shows. So, before breakfast, my early birds have watched a couple shows. (If the judgement has has already started then note this is not a school-day routine so they look forward to it even more so when we don’t have school).

So, I dished out their consequence but I was a little worried when I realized we would be at home ALL week, again! Monday wasn’t bad for them because they’d had their fix in the morning, pre-punishment. Starting first thing on Tuesday, Anna hopped out of bed and it was awful quiet downstairs! They spent some time looking over my shoulder and in my space, another reason I like easing into the day with a little t.v., and then actually did some reading and playing school. Shoot, we had eaten breakfast and were sledding by 7:30. These little early birds got the fresh snow!

The rest of the week went better than I expected. To be home SO much the past 2 weeks, I thought it was going to be horrible. They missed it early in the morning and when they were tired in the late afternoon. But what do you do after you’ve already said that’s the consequence, YOU STICK WITH IT! Kids totally know when they’re parents are push-overs.

Talking with so many kids at school over the years, it’s interesting to hear if the children take their consequences seriously, if they are effective in teaching them a lesson, and if the parents follow-though on threats. I think it’s so important for parents to be conscientious of our words and threats, stick with consequences even if they’re an inconvenient for us, and not give in to arguing and whining. Teachers and counselors know the children who are used to getting what they want at home because they continue to argue and act annoyed when they are given a consequence at school instead of accepting consequences and acting remorseful.

My children and I did miss technology this past week but really they spent so much time sledding, building snow forts and snowmen and snow princesses, that they missed it a lot less than I expected! In actuality, I think the best consequence was having a police officer standing in our foyer Monday! No t.v. was just just icing on the cake, and we all survived!



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