“The best night ever”

“This is the best night ever”, that’s what I overheard Anna tell Brody last night when they were playing vet upstairs with all the leftover real hospital supplies. Lately, it’s been infrequently that they’ve really played together and I can count the times on one hand. Not only are they not into the same stuff now but Brody doesn’t want to be outside much during this beautiful time of year. So, it was so genuine and so sweet to hear her tell him that after playing for 2 hours together.

First, they played in an empty cardboard box for about 1 hour…simple-minded folks, we are. Then, they moved on to sticking the stuffed goat full of ‘I.V.’s” or individual flossing sticks. It looked like acupuncture to me! We had to force them to stop and get their beauty rest but they did buy themselves an extra half-hour of playtime last night.

When things are simple, they are good. Playing outside, leaving the electronics behind, and actually creating playtime is so wonderful and something children these days don’t do enough. Not only do they grow up too fast, they also have too many options and distractions. We too, at this house, are included on lacking imagination and maybe having too much junk be it toys or electroincs. I have intentionally downsized formal extracurricular activities the past 6 months, even before Brody’s surgery and life is a lot less stressful.  “The best night ever” was because Anna had Brody’s happy and undivided attention and they were having fun creating their own fun. It’s that simple.

I think this week, we should intentionally spend more time letting the mind wander. We will celebrate small moments with each other. We will express our gratitude for little things. And, we will enjoy the sunshine.


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