Many times, we celebrate the tangible, actions we can see and experience, and events that bring us joy. Lately, as a parent, I have been vocal in expressing my pride in Brody’s progression and strength after all he’s gone through. He continues to amaze me and many others, and I will not stop praising him and telling him how proud I am. But, this is not about him.

This is about my kind, calm, considerate, nurturing introvert Anna. This is a moment to recognize her strength, bravery, and resilience. Just this morning, I got a simple and really meaningful message from her teacher, Mrs. Willet. She emailed the following:

“By the way she has done great through this whole thing. She has a QUIET STRENGTH that will see her well through life.”

It is true but also so nice to hear from others too. Often, we don’t stop to thank and recognize the quiet kids. Most of the time, Anna doesn’t show her true colors to the public; she reserves her words and really her true self for a select few that she truly trusts and loves. However, her sweet little class just loves her. When she leaves early, they all shout, “Bye, Anna…Bye, Anna!”. When she comes to school, many of her classmates are so excited to see her. These kids see what I see, a quiet and kind soul who truly cares about others.

Sometimes, these qualities are overlooked. The world is blessed to have children like Anna who are conscientious and use their words wisely. She has a confidence that is different, softer, and often times overlooked. If you have a child like this, celebrate them too. I do really like this quote above:


Way to go introverts. You bring a peace and quiet to this busy world. Thank you. Thank you, Anna Hamilton.

Sept. 2014 Anna 024


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