Free, daily summer activities for your kids!

The objective of summer is to HAVE FUN! But while we’re at it, why not also continue to grow and learn as a person? With these creative, daily activities, your child can expect to

  1.  gain AWARENESS
  2. stay ACTIVE
  3. ACHIEVE  greatness
Why not make it a straight- A summer!? These daily goals created by a team of experts will get your child on the 4 paths to becoming a GREAT AMERICAN CHILD while keeping their brains and bodies active! Try the entire month of June for free and get on the path to coming GREAT!

We do not recommend using this tool as a punishment. Rather, look at these activities as a way to start the day, a motivator towards other things, or a family challenge. We DO encourage parent involvement but most activities can be done without an adult. Don’t treat it like homework. Instead, make if part of your family’s routine. Get involved, be a good role model, or even make daily or weekly goals for your child and your family. Can you follow through with a fun reward if they complete their daily challenge?  Can you also get neighbors and friends involved? Join us for the Straight-A summer by opening the printable PDF’s below, posting in your house, and getting started! If you like it, you can pay for the remainder of the summer by visiting Great American Child.

June calendar

Summer Challenge


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