Singing in the Rain

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This afternoon was one of those sweet, innocent, impromptu fun moments. While talking to my mom on the phone, I heard the front door open. It wasn’t until I heard a distant screaming and singing that I realized my two crazy kids were skipping down our street in the pouring rain. No shoes. Pouring rain. All the while singing and laughing like crazy.

I stood there with the front door open, listening, watching this simple act of joy. Soaking wet clothes, jumping in puddles, barefoot, dancing, even laying on their bellies in the road. So fun to watch. (I guess I was the dud because they tried to coax me out as I watched!). It was just a simple joy for me to watch. The sound of heavy rain and a flood of giggles.

Seeing your children experience simple joys, hearing laughter, and seeing love….Remind myself that these are the moments.

Now that makes a mama happy.

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