Goodbye Summer….

Kiawah 2015 032 Kiawah 2015 033

Time flies when you’re having fun, and summer is coming to an end. Sad, just sad. We aren’t quite ready for rushed mornings, exhausted mama-counselor, homework, and having to remember what day of the week it is!

“Did you have a good summer?”, people may ask. Have I ever had a bad summer!? When you work in the school system, every summer and break is good…and necessary! Everyone needs that mental break. And this summer couldn’t have come at a better time for us. We needed slow times together, simple laziness, lots of time with friends, the beach and salty air, treats and more treats, and slow starts and easy ends to the day.

I’ll miss you, summer. You always go too fast.

But, I thank you. I thank you for precious time with my growing children. I thank you for the spontaneity. I thank you for nature and exploration. I thank you for new adventures. I thank you for our trips. I thank you for time to read. (All 7 Harry Potter books finished by Bo and Brody, too!) I thank you for time to be my child’s teacher. I thank you for providing me the energy to have a conversation and dates with my husband! I thank you for staying in pjs as long as we like. I thank you for time with our furry babies who prefer being inside anyway! I thank you for swimming (and everyone who shared their pools!). I thank you for time for time for exercise when I want. I thank you for a glass of wine any night of the week! I thank you for movies. I thank you for sunshine, and rain storms too. I thank you for healing.

You will be missed but I look forward to seeing you again next year!

Kiawah 2015 024Kiawah 2015 022

2015-06-15 summer 2015 002Kiawah 2015 043

Kiawah 2015 010Kiawah 2015 005

The 4th at Mike-Mike's 017The 4th at Mike-Mike's 013

Kiawah 2015 049Discover camp 012

2015-06-15 summer 2015 020Kiawah 2015 037


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