‘Who’s the One Who Likes to Play!?’

Bing Bong! Bing Bong!

This is my ‘guidance’ class response this year. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you haven’t seen Inside Out, a Disney film by Pixar. It is great! But, I’m not here to give a movie review. You’ll have to see for yourself how it helps us understand that Joy, the character and emotion, is intertwined with the other emotions in her life as they work together as a team. Like in real life, you can’t have joy without also experiencing the other challenging and real emotions as well. This movie is a great avenue to talk to your kids about their feelings and handling problems.

Not only does it make you stop and think about your own emotions and voices going on inside your heard, but it’s pretty deep and opens up your mind to exploring your imagination. The imagination in the movie is named “Bing Bong”! A colorful elephant, both inside and out, he helps joy with his magic rocket ship. They travel through Imagination land complete with french fry island, cloud town, lava pits, and even the boyfriend maker!…So fun!

Ok, ok….I want to tell you about the entire movie but you’re better off seeing it yourself. Back to my class response, my intention in grabbing students’ attention in guidance class is #1: to have fun and keep them engaged. But it’s no coincidence that I chose this call and response attention-grabber. I’m all about encouraging silly imaginations and inviting kids to play along! Life is too short to always be so serious and this is a little reminder (reason #2!). So, I say, “Who’s the one who likes to play?”. And, the class responds with, “BING BONG! BING BONG!”.

We are always so hyper focused on the tangible in school, and at an early age. School is demanding and ridged, and it’s squashing our kids’ (and teacher’s) imaginations. Just like in the movie, the imagination can be left behind. And if we don’t encourage self-exploration and silliness, then how is one to find their passion in life? How does one find happiness and joy if there’s no room for fun and play?

There needs to be room for imagination, fun, silliness, and play (both inside and out of school). Kids need to dance around, talk to their imaginary friend, sing out loud, make a new game, play dress-up, come up with an invention, create an art project or craft, jump over lava pits!….The possibilities are endless if you open up your imagination. Kids who are creative and smart will become our innovators of the future. Or, they might just have fun and feel happy, and that’s good too!

Bing Bong- on!1923_BingBong_InsideOut_501_copie


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