These fries are ‘bangin’!

Sometimes my job is just too fun and easy. Yesterday as a little reward, two third grade boys joined me for lunch because they had a great week and have made huge improvements in the length of time that I’ve known them. One handsome boy that’s always had the coolest shoulder-length braids has been my buddy since kindergarten. We have done individual counseling, small group counseling, many, many goal-plans, and now just maintenance check-in’s. He really doesn’t need to meet with my anymore but we’ve built a relationship and I love rewarding good behavior and continued progress.

The other boy, his friend, was new to our school in second grade and had some difficulty adjusting, which is a nice way to put things. However, we met individually, I matched him up with a ‘big buddy’ for our ‘breakfast buddies’, and we continue to also check-in even though he’s made massive improvements.

Both of these boys are black and couldn’t come from a much different background and culture than me. What’s relevant and cool about our differences, however, is that it makes no difference in their eyes, or in mine. They asked me all week to meet just have a little special time.

A 38-year-old less-than-cool white woman, much older than their mothers, hangin’ with my boyz as they reenact their basketball games and tell me their fries are ‘bangin’ – now that’s a fun lunch. They crack me up!

After J. grins and finishes his ‘bangin’ fries (as he calls them), he gets up and starts doing the whip nae nae. (**Listen and watch above link for fun and entertainment!). He asks me if I know this song, which miraculously I do…. (Now, the other R&B/ hip hop song he sings, I do not know and he can’t believe I don’t). Throughout our scattered conversation with laughs and random thoughts, we share fellowship and friendship.

What’s so funny is that when telling Anna, my mini-me, about this lunch and playing the song for her, she told me this is the same song that the Bearden kids at her school got to dance to yesterday afternoon at their dance party for good behavior! Music transcends cultures and race bringing people together. Props to Mrs. Dunlap our principal who’s even whiter (and older) than me for being so hip! Now, when I tried doing the Whip in the kitchen this morning, Bo told me to just stop! (I’ll have to practice with a more forgiving audience next time!)

Friends can come in all ages, shapes, colors, and sizes. They may be very different than you or share all your same interests. What matters most is that you get something back from the relationships and feel happy when you’re around them. From white to black, young to old, I’ll take my bangin’ friends any day!


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  1. Nice story. I enjoy reading your posts. They give me something to “Ponder and usually to smile about 😎. Tell Bo that you can audition your dancing skills for me any time 😃 .


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