Show them how to be kind

Random acts of kindness. We all know the term but how often do we really witness giving without wanting anything back in return? It’s not all that common but last week, I was inspired by some Volunteer spirit! Utilizing the West Knoxville Trading site on Facebook, word spread on social media and I had women all over Knoxville messaging me to help a child at one of my schools. He lost everything he had in a house fire and now is living with his aunt. Not only that, the family is suffering with much more non-tangible challenges now. Yet, a simple post on West Knox Trading asking for used clothing for this little guy turned into so much generosity.

Within the first 5 minutes of posting my request, I started getting flooded with offers to help. Clothing, underwear, shoes, coats, and toys. Everyone wanted to know what they could do to help. Friends who saw the post messaged me right away but most surprising was the influx of offers from complete strangers. In fact, I had so many offers, I had to start turning women away!

I went over to a complete stranger’s house to pick up an entire garbage bag full of used clothing. Another woman dropped a brand-new coat off for him at school (and I never got the chance to meet and thank her), and a family at my other school brought in some of their old toys. This, on top of my teacher friends bringing toys , was so heartwarming to me.

The eight-year old was so proud, his teacher told me, that he wore the new black, spider coat home that day in 95 degree heat, tags still on.

Many times, we can focus on what people, what society doesn’t do or what we lack. But, I’m here to say there are some really kind, generous (true Christian) people out there. It renews my faith in humanity when one simple plea will generate such a buzz    from people who want no recognition in return. So to those of you out there that helped or even just offered to help, thank you for loving your neighbor and making a big difference in a life.

Words, rules, doctrines are one thing. Actions are quite another. When you model such kindness, what are we showing our children? What are we teaching them?

  • To give without asking anything in return
  • To be the change you want to see in the world
  • To love your neighbor as yourself
  • To live by the Golden Rule
  • And lastly, that it feels good to help others

You can preach it all day long but thank you to the adults who SHOW it. Thank you for caring when someone is suffering. Thank you for acknowledging others and stepping up to the plate. Thank you for making this community a better place to be.



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