Women’s Health?

Wisdom does come is small packages and that’s one of the million reasons I love children. Most children are real, meaning they haven’t decided they want to act like or look like someone else. They mean what they say and say what they mean! (thanks Dr. Suess). Once again, Anna, my seven year old, has enlightened me.

So, while checking the mail this weekend, I brought in the latest Women’s Health magazine that I have a subscription to. As usual, there’s a scantily-clad beautiful woman on the cover. The cover headlines read (and always read), ways to loose weight, healthy recipes, and most importantly, sex and looking sexy. I never even thought Anna had noticed the magazine.

But, upon setting it on the kitchen table, she innocently asked, “Why do these magazines always have women getting undressed? Look at how she’s pulling her shorts down and sticking out her lips.” I paused, and replied with, “Well, the magazine is about getting in shape and being healthy”. She immediately responded with, “Well, that doesn’t show someone getting healthy. It’s inappropriate.” (implying it doesn’t make sense).

So true. And, I couldn’t agree more. That makes me proud mother, that I’m raising my daughter to think for herself and not be fooled by airbrushed pouty lips and ripped abs. I couldn’t be happier that she thinks a sexy little pose looks ridiculous. And, she is SO right; it doesn’t make any sense.

If we as women, or men for that matter, model true health and depth, then our impressionable children won’t buy into it either. Media is powerful but so is good parenting.

Sex sells. Or, does it?! Well, it just depends on if we buy into it.


(**It’s really quite a trashy magazine now that I stop to think about it!)


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  1. Anna nailed it. Caitlin’s Aunt gave her a subscription to Teen Vogue when she turned 16. Caitlin had complained that I won’t buy it for her because it is… 4 months later when a girl friend was over Caitlin gave them away because, she admitted, there was nothing there for her.

    Values do matter and children see and hear everything! Nice post Sarah.

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  2. Thanks- And, I am glad you have a teenager who is also wise enough to see it for what it is- trashy and sending the wrong message to girls and women. It’s great to be able to have this conversation with our girls too because many kids wouldn’t be ‘getting it’ and voicing it too. Girl power!


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