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Gratitude is not something we have to store up until Thanksgiving day. It’s not a feeling we need to recognize for a couple weeks in November. And, it’s not just written on cute little turkey feathers.

“thankful”- glad that something has happened or not happened, that someone or something exists

“gratitude”-readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness

Those definitions are quite different. One implies a feeling that may come to pass. It’s often used as an adjective. The latter is a verb, more powerful and significant. Gratitude is a way of living, a more meaningful and fulfilling way to show appreciation daily. It fills our day with feelings of thankfulness, yes. But, gratitude also gives us peace. It focusing on what we have instead of what we have not. Gratitude welcomes challenges because we know it will give us a deeper fulfillment, peace, and love. Gratitude accepts disappointment because it knows the joys will be better appreciated.

Gratitude gives us more than a  fleeting feeling; it leaves us satisfied. Gratitude may come to us or we may invite it in. We may choose to let it live with us, reminding ourselves everyday that someone else near or far has far greater struggles. Gratitude helps us remember. Gratitude helps us celebrate. Gratitude helps us heal. Gratitude helps motivate us. When the cup is half-full, we can feel thankful. When we have gratitude, we are just grateful to have a cup!

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Thank you, Gratitude. I sure am thankful for you! Let me remember to recognize and use you each and every day.




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