Add some sprinkles and you’ve got a party!

Add some sprinkles and you’ve got a party!

My roomie at school, Mrs. Alton, suggested I make this a bumper sticker when we were reflecting today over the joy of sharing Christmas cookies. You see, sprinkles and sugar cookies go a long way!

Aldi helped me out with a tasty, festive platter of cookies today that I brought to share at the celebration of our last friendship group. That’s a little tradition I have, to throw in some special treats on the last day of the group to make it a celebration. It’s amazing what a little, cute cookie will do!

It’s not only the cookies, though. The joy comes in being sprinkled with love too. The kids receive their certificate for completing the group and I cover the certificate with compliments that their peers shout out. The words must be genuine and uplifting, and they always are.

It is a pleasure to witness their faces light up as they hear the minute of compliments that’s just about them. Kids are really good at giving compliments, too.

So, today, I think about being someone’s sprinkle. It doesn’t take much time or effort to really bring a little sweetness into someone’s day!


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