You’ll always hear the hard truths if you work with children. They can be brutally honest and transparent. And, today was one of those moments where you stop and think, ‘Did you just say that’!?

It went something like this:

“Mrs. Hamilton, what are those bumps on your face?”

Me: looking confused and feeling my face, “What bumps?”

“Those bumps right there (pointing to my forehead and my eyes).”

Me: (after feeling around, thinking for a second that I was having an allergic reaction or something, and then realizing what he meant…!) “Oh, those are wrinkles!”

“How OLD are you!?”

Me: “38.”

(Look of distress and confusion)

Me: (cracking up)

Now, I’m not in denial that I’m looking older. And, I really wouldn’t mind looking younger, either. Shoot, I use my Roldan and Fields eye cream every night, and still no difference! But, really…what does it matter? I’ve started to really care less and less.

In fact, I’ve started to accept the fact that I’m becoming a wise, old, wrinkly, droopy butted elephant…..and that’s ok. Elephants are very matriarchal creatures. They’re intelligent, have deep family bonds, and express feelings of joy, grief, anger and play. And, of course, they have deep wrinkles that show such character.

My wrinkles are signs of the life experiences. I’ve earned them, those laugh lines, those worry lines (or “worms” as Anna has always affectionately named them), and those squint lines around my eyes. Those are job changes, becoming a mother, sleep deprivation, moving, brain tumors, bills, lots of time in the sun, and thousands of hilarious memories. It’s life, and it’s me.

Yes, they are “bumps”. They are all the bumps in my road. So, I will accept that I am becoming wrinkly. I’m imperfect, with no wrinkle just like anyone else! You know, I have always liked elephants. Something about that wrinkly skin that is so weathered, yet cute, tough, and real.




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