Join the movement #lazywins

On a typical day, I’m a busy lady (and I bet you are too). When you’re a parent, there’s always something to do. Laundry, dishes, homework, dinner, lunches packed, reading, lessons, and then there’s you too! Making sure everyone gets their 5 food groups, takes their vitamins, gets enough exercise, don’t watch too much t.v., don’t play too many video games, do your chores, make your bed, and take a shower too (oh, and again, there’s you too!).

Both moms and dads have a lot on their plates. Shoot, now a lot of grandparents have a lot on their plate too raising their grandkids! Raising kids is a full-time job, especially if you want to do it right. Following parenting blogs, reading books on raising smart kids, and keeping up with the Jones’ is a lot.

And, then we feel guilty when we aren’t following the ‘experts’ advice, or even our own advice. Or, at least I do. Today is one of those days. I have done nothing with or for my children, except feed them which is kind of a requirement. I let them watch a movie, a whole movie, this morning while I zoned and wrote. Then, seeing that they were content, not asking for anything, or fighting (Hallelujah!), I snuck back into bed to watch the Real Housewives (Beverly Hills, people, because I am classy) while they watched more t.v.. Part of me struggles with this because I feel like I need to be involved in what my kids are doing most of the time.

When I listen to so many children at school every week who don’t have anyone to talk to or help them with basic needs at home, it makes me want to always be there for my kids so I am involved. I check their homework, initial their school binder, read to them every night, and supervise them…..(you get the point because you’re doing it all too!)

But, today, I am removing myself from that role. I am letting it go, and letting them go outside whenever they want without me (ok, fine…I’m encouraging them to get back out there again! I did dry their wet clothes and take a couple cute photos before I snuck back inside, though!). I don’t feel good and instead of feeling like I have to be out there with them in the cold, I am listening to music inside eating chocolate almonds in my quiet house. Is that bad?

Part of me still feels guilty (I did apologize for not sledding with them earlier because normally, I would be). Then again, the other part of me is winning today. I’m realizing that it’s nothing to feel sorry about; it would be foolish to not take advantage of, right?! Being a good parent is having independent children and if they’re actually entertaining themselves, then I guess I’ll just entertain myself quietly too. Every once in awhile,  I hear a scream and peak out to see them flying down the neighbor’s hill again. But, I don’t dare go out. I’m hunkered down trying to convince myself that I’m not a bad mom and they may just be having fun without me!

So, if there are more parents out there still in your pj’s being total slackers, don’t stop- join me. Join the movement. Sled on, kids.

#lazy or smart?





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