If Kids Ruled the World

Today, I was blessed with a few minutes of enlightenment by a small seven year old. Some don’t see his charm, and he’s been referred to me for the second year in a row. Let’s just say he has trouble consistently making good choices! He may have a tad bit of a temper and a man-sized attitude at times, but I’ve always thought he was the cutest thing even if he walks the line. He certainly can turn his charm on and off, and he does have many redeeming qualities.

So after he finished describing the abdominal pains he was experiencing yesterday when he had diarrhea (thank you for sharing!), he talked to me about all the good things he would do today. He does know  all the right choices and things to do, even if he doesn’t always follow though! Hearing his detailed ideas and plans for success in his words always makes me happy.

But, I was even happier today after his short sermon. I’m really not sure what made him think of Martin Luther King, suddenly, but I’m never really quite sure what makes a random thought pop into a little brain’s head. It could be because this was the same kid that once told me we looked a lot alike, and he was going to dye his hair light at the ends like me. (He is a small African American boy with brown eyes and cool shoes, and well, I’m middle-aged female whitie with uncool shoes!  I remember him pointing out that we had different color eyes. Besides, we are basically twins!…But, it was sweet anyway!).

Anyway, for whatever reason, MLK was suddenly on his mind and he started preaching to me.

“You know that Martin Luther King wanted black people and white people to be friends. He was a good man but someone shot him. Someone disagreed with him and he shot him. (Shaking his head) He should have just talked to him instead of shooting him. They should have talked it out.”

-Made my day-

If only it were so simple. But, wait…it could be, if kids ruled the world.




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