Caramel onions and Valentine’s day surprises!

This is too hilarious not the share! It’s nothing about love, and everything to do with love on this Valentine’s Day. It was a memorable surprise, indeed.

So, every year I am happy to get my Valentine’s flowers. It’s sweet and thoughtful when your spouse gives you flowers, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what the bouquet looks like the next year. In fact, I cannot tell you anything Bo has given me for Valentine’s Day because I just don’t remember. This year, however, I guarantee I will not forget the Valentine’s surprise from my boys!

Every year, it’s a tradition that Bo and the kids make me yummy chocolate covered strawberries. But, the boys also wanted to make me another sweet treat this year too. Bo had been prepping me that Brody really wanted to also make caramel apples for me this year. While I thought this was a little random and I don’t really care for them, I know Brody loves them so I figured this was really a treat for him. I saw the ingredients on the kitchen counter earlier so after dinner this evening, I wasn’t the least bit suspicious.  Bo and Brody were excited to share their homemade caramel apples that they’d made for the first time ever.

I wasn’t going to hurt his feelings, of course, so Bo reiterated that I had to at least try one. So, they gathered around as Bo held the messy caramel blob that did look just like an apple. I took one huge chomp into the giant , raw caramel covered onion! Talk about wanting to vomit! I have never been so shocked and disgusted as gagged the large chuck into the sink! Let me tell you, the unexpected taste of a raw onion doesn’t just go away and brought tears to my eyes. Bo was crying he was laughing so hard, and Anna was furious that they would prank her mother that she was crying tears of rage. She stormed off only to return to seriously pinch Bo to defend me……(don’t mess with her mama!).

What was most surprising is that this was all Brody’s idea. (Bo said he suggested it after seeing it all American’s Funniest Videos and had been planning it). This is truly one thoughtful Valentine’s gift that I’ll never forget. The gift of laughter is priceless! Way to go, boys. This is love!

Photo 1It got a little messed up after throwing it back on the wax paper but originally you never would have noticed the difference between the onion and the other 2 real apples.

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