Little acts of kindness, or are they so little?

Children are gifts from God. I truly believe that every little innocent soul has a message, a truth, or a gift to give. We just have to allow them in. We have to acknowledge that they are important, and value them. Then, they will give us these gifts. Many adults don’t have the intuition that kids have, but kids get it. They don’t have to have the words but words can be false.  Actions show love, little or small.

Recently, I’ve been struggling. Struggling with life and meaning. Struggling with life being hard. And, although I haven’t told my children a lot about these feelings, they know. They know me. And, my children have always and continue to be my angels.

My precious, humble daughter sensed my distress despite my feelings being verbalized. Before bed, she went upstairs. Moments later, she came down to watch a movie with her “ba-ba” (blankie) and my prayer cloth. It’s a beautiful  purple shawl hand-knitted by a friend’s mother and her church group from Memphis. It was mailed to me last spring when Brody was in the hospital. There, it rested and wrapped me in comfort in the hospital and then back at home. I cried in it, I prayed in it, and I found comfort in it. I continued to sleep with it for 4, maybe 5 months. And, then one day, I realized I didn’t need it. I was ok for then. So, I folded it up and placed it on a shelf in my bedroom. I haven’t used it in months.

Well, this weekend, my thoughtful, sweet girl went up to my room, grabbed my prayer cloth, and brought it downstairs. She wrapped it around my neck and said,

Here,  mama.

And, that was all. That was all it took. Little words but big, meaningful actions. Little loving actions that are so much more than little. That’s a blessing and children will give these away without you earning it. They are gifts. They are messages from God that the world is not all bad. Take them. Open yourselves up to them. And, be grateful in them.


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