It’s that exciting, chaotic time of year with school ending, class parties, field days, and awards ceremonies. It’s that time of year when you can just tell the kids are done. Friendship problems and peer conflicts are at an all-time high as students are basically tired, cranky, and over each other. (And, teachers could possibly be too!!?)

Summer is on the horizon and freedom awaits. Bring on sunscreen, no alarms, large bodies of water, friends, cookouts, trips, and did I mention, freedom!? Yippee! Woohoo! School’s out for summer! We can hardly wait! ……Or, can we?

Every year, there are children who are behavior problems who really amp it up these last couple weeks. Feeling the impeding chaos that they live in creeping up, some can’t even sit in their own skin. Many times, we only know the tip of the iceberg. There’s the student who depends on backpack buddies food to eat on the weekend. There’s the children living with domestic violence knowing they’ll only be home more to witness their mother being hit. There’s the family who has moved 3 times this week, living on floors and couches of relatives, and they don’t know if they’ll be back to this school next year.

There’s the boy who’s depended on me as a mother figure this year when his biological mother is absent from his life, while another girl comes to tell me all the horrible names her mother calls her every week. There’s another boy who’s already witnessed a shooting and then, more recently, a stabbing by his hero-sister, his role model? The list continues on as the needs continue to grow.

School really is the only safe and consistent place for some children. While my own children cannot wait to be done, you can see the growing anxiety of those little souls who won’t have the luxury of beach trip, boat rides, and even just family dinners.

Do I excuse their behavior? No way, but I do empathize with them? I feel so sorry for many of the children I work with; it’s just not fair. But, life isn’t…..

Life isn’t fair so it’s all the more important that we, those of us who have the hearts and brains to be conscientiously raising, teaching, and nurturing our children, to pause and celebrate.

  • If we know we will have food, shelter, and clean clothes, we should celebrate! These basic needs will not be provided to all children.
  • If we want to spend time with our children and want to expose them to the world, even if it’s just here in our town, we should celebrate having the car and financial means to do so.
  • If we know that we have people we can depend on for acceptance and love, then we should CELEBRATE! It should be a basic human right that all children are provided. Yet, it’s a privilege. Celebrate!
  • If we have people who like to spend time with us and genuinely like the kind of person we are, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!
  • If we feel safe and comfortable, then we can be the true person God intended us to be.  Not all children feel this; in fact, many do not. Celebrate big if there’s comfort!

I can’t wait to celebrate with those I love every day. Melting ice cream cones, fresh water melons, playdates, pools, trips, family, fun, and friends; we are blessed. In everything we have gone through, we still are blessed and we will celebrate. We do celebrate. Bring on summer!


#summertime #familyfriendslove #lovetheonesyourewith #schoolsoutforsummer!




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