And, the best new toy goes to……

With these cooler than average temps, along with my exhaustion, it doesn’t quite feel like summer yet.  The kids are still a little hung over from the school year too. The pools are open but the water must be freezing. And, as always, I anticipate taking the first week or so to work out the kinks as the sweet siblings adjust to being around each other every day! They’ll eventually get over the desire to pick at each other every second of the day too. But, we’ll get there….

I must say, though, that one new ‘toy’ has seriously impressed me so far this summer and got me in the mood:

*the ENO hammock*

This end-of-the-year gift has kept Brody and the boys next door outside most of the weekend. These simple, colorful hammocks are easy to put up and take down so the kids do it all themselves. What’s better is that they’ve lazed in those bad boys all weekend. If only I could hear their conversations…what in the world do they chat about all that time?

They found a perfect spot in our small backyard in between the shaded Hemlock trees. The spot looked so inviting that I actually had to give it a try today. Staring up at the leaves, curled out with a cool breeze helped me understand the allure. Simple and peaceful. Cozy and restful. I would definitely recommend.

In fact, these suckers went back to REI for the second time this weekend to purchase a second one because who wants to hear siblings whine more than necessary about not sharing!? Now, we have 2 to travel to the mountains, the dessert, or even just the backyard in this summer. Swinging back and forth, staring up at the blue sky, and slowing down is just what we need to get us in the mood. Bring on summer!

*still 25% off this weekend at REI!



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