Leave people better than how you found them


Working outside in the yard today, I happily looked around. We are slowly transforming the little space into a nice little backyard. Bo built this great fence and gate into our new garden area that is thriving. Everything is actually growing so far! The carrot seeds that Brody planted, the cucumbers that Bo planted, and the marigolds grown at school by Anna are all happy. We are pleasantly surprised! So, testing my luck, I have extended this hobby further into the yard as I pass on the flower addiction to Anna (thanks, mom!).

Anna and I picked out flowers to line the garden fence, have planted Zinnia seeds , and mom gave me my favorite yellow rose bush to add to the space for Mother’s day, too. The exposed flowers are risky as Daisy and Rocco have access to this area. So far, only 2 are turning yellow from the dog urine, which is less than expected!

sunflowers 006

The space is really so much nicer or really just happier since we’ve been in this house. It’s nicer to us because we are putting our personal stamp on it. On both the inside and outside, we are making changes and improvements. It dawned on me while working in the garden that in all the homes we’ve lived in since we’ve been married, we have put a lot of time, energy, money, and effort into making small changes to improve the spaces. Not only aesthetically but also practically as we have had to unexpectedly replace a lot in this house within the past 2 years.

You’ve heard the saying that we should leave things better than how we find them, meaning spaces and environment. Or, at least that’s the way I’ve always thought of that quote. In our homes, in national parks or public places, we leave things better than how we found them.

better than

We teach our kids to

  • not litter
  • clean up after ourselves
  • don’t pollute
  • to improve and not destroy

But, today I’m also thinking applying this to people. Not just things but also to ourselves. In life, shouldn’t we make it our goal to leave people better than how we found them too?

Leave all better than how you found it.

The land, the animals, the people.


Blessed are those who give instead of take.

-(me 🙂

We can teach our children to:

  • not gossip
  • only say kind things to others
  • give put-ups instead of put-downs
  • help instead of hurt
  • show love instead of judgement
  • be patient and try to understand
  • listen instead of yell
  • And, we can teach them to do the above for themselves!better than

If we apply this thinking, if we all apply this thinking, we are giving back to the world in such a meaningful way. We can feel fulfilled and proud when we go to sleep. We can know that we are living for God’s will and leaving everything and everyone better than how we found them.



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