Each kindness CONT.

Nothing too complicated. Just good souls doing good things.

To give an update on simple acts of kindness, yesterday Anna felt sick. She just had a stomach ache and didn’t eat much at lunch.  She even went to the office to call home. And while she waited in her class, not feeling well,  E. (the new girl who speaks little English but can now ask, “what your name?” and “I like I-pad”) did the kindest thing. She leaned over to Anna, took the sticker she’d earned from Mrs. McElroy, and stuck it on Anna.

Of course, she didn’t say anything. Just one simple gesture to let Anna know she was thinking of her at a time when Anna felt sad. And, it meant a lot to Anna as she was the one to tell us about this after she was picked up. Anna smiled while talking about it.

As adults, we rely on words a lot. We use words to hurt, to try to help, to be nosy, to share, and sometimes to complicate our lives. But, I am thinking today that sometimes the kindest acts are really the most simple. No words are required. Whether it be passing a sticker to a friend, holding hands, a pat on the back, or just a smile, it can show so much kindness and compassion.

Today, let us all remember that we can show so much love through simple acts of kindness. straw sticker







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