The sun will come out tomorrow…

Brody, age 10, was just belting this out on an early Saturday morning out of the blue. While playing on the iPad and hanging in the kitchen, he just started singing.

This song brings such hope, but also such powerful memories for me. When this movie was first released, we loved it. The kids and I would belt out the songs as we had the dvd. It’s just a great movie. Brody was eight and Anna was six. This was just before Brody was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

There’s a moment in time that I wonder if I’ll ever forget. The Sunday before he was to admitted to the hospital, not knowing what was about to take place or the seriousness of the situation, we took the kids to Barnes and Noble so Brody could get a new Harry Potter wand to bring him special powers. We knew he’d need some magic, and a little distraction the next day.

As we rode home together, the anxiety we had as parents was mounting. I could hardly keep it together. I wanted a happy song in the car so I pulled this up on my phone, on Youtube. Anna and Brody sang at the top of their lungs,

‘the sun will come out tomorrow’ ……

At first, I was singing along too. But, I had to stop, fighting tears, and just focus on calmly taking in their hopeful, happy words.

This message radiates with me. HOPE.

What a miracle that I can sit here in my p.j.’s  with my favorite boy in the world as still hear him belt out those same words. It doesn’t stop amazing me.

Whatever you’re facing, whatever struggles or battles, however dark it gets , you have to believe that things will get better. Have hope that you get to try again tomorrow.  And, just keep singing.

‘There will be sun!’




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