Love you, wrinkles and all!

Simple truth: kids love unconditionally.

It’s a window of time that I recognize is fleeting. This sweet phase offers a kind of security that cannot be replicated in other relationships. It won’t last much longer. And, not everyone experiences it.

So, if you are a parent, stop and pause. Pause and be grateful that even though your child is following you around, calling your name 50 times a day, or stealing your jewelry and wearing your shoes around the house, they still love you above anyone else in this world. If they yell at you while you’re on the toilet, they are comfortable with you. If they always want to go to  the store with you and it would be so much easier to go alone, they want time with you. If they still want you to read with them, they want to cuddle you. It’s a moment that won’t last.

I had to remind myself of this recently while they were flipping through my pictures on my new Samsung Galaxy phone. I recently had a keratin treatment on my frizzy hair. Although I hate spending money on self-indulgent non-necessities, I was talked into it by Steve when I reflected on how much more we spend on our dogs’ hair maintenance cost than my own! So, fair is fair and I got my ultra straight hair. This frizz-free life will only last a couple months but I felt pretty good; I’m not going to lie.

Now I wasn’t going to make this my Facebook profile shot or daily update, but I did want to document what it looked like so I took a couple selfies! I was kind of happy with my hair, which you know is unusual if you are a female. Why not have a couple pics to remind myself when it’s afro-time again!? (Yes, a little narcissistic but cut me some slack!)

So, back to my point. Brody was flipping through my photos recently and saw my Samsung Galaxy 7 selfie. You may, or may not know (like I didn’t), that these phones lie! You can adjust, making your face slimmer, your eyes wider, darken or lighten your skin or just “autocorrect” yourself! It’s weird; it’s fake. So, whenever you see those Facebook selfie- shots where the skin looks so smooth, even, and unwrinkled, know it’s a lie!

When Brody looked at my pretty-hair selfie with the auto-filter , he looked surprised. He said,

“You don’t have any wrinkles. You look weird. I like you better the way you really look.”

Anna chimed in too and agreed that I looked better without the filter with my normal (wrinkled) face. At first, I am not sure whether to be insulted or flattered. I chose flattered. They like their mama the way she really looks, wrinkles and all.

My kids don’t want to change me. They like, even love me, the way I am. Aren’t I lucky? You are too if you are a parent (**of a child below age 11…but I’m hoping, yet doubtful,  to reblog this in a couple years)! We are so fortunate to have little people who admire and love us for who we are. What a gift.

Today, I choose to show gratitude for this kind of rare love. A love without filters where real beauty shines through sustains me. This is being a mother. Yes, kids, you helped and are still helping contribute to those laugh lines!…. And, I am so glad you love them, and me just the way I am.





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