Happy New Year!

2016, you know what I say to you? Good riddance (along with some other choice bad words)!  I thought  2015 was the worst but then 2016 came along and laughed. I don’t think I’m the only one who’s felt like this either. We’ve watched the funny social media clips from Black Sheep  with Chris Farley tumbling head over heals down side of a mountain. He almost stops, hanging dearly to a tiny root half-way down, and then keeps flailing down the side of that steep decline. What the in the hell was that all about?!”, he exclaims when he finally reaches the bottom , stumbles to stand up, and looks back up. (Pardon the language but many of us have felt those sentiments exactly!)

Maybe it was a death. Maybe it was a health scare. Maybe it was facing hard truths. Maybe it was losing a job. Maybe it was the loss of a dear relationship. Maybe it was uncertainty for the future. Maybe it was a fire. I know others have faced hardships and struggles far worse than mine, and it’s time we all deserve a streak of good luck!

But, now that most of the smoke has cleared, here are some life lessons I’ve learned from 2016:

Expect the unexpected.

Don’t get too comfortable or complacent.

Friends make everything better. Appreciate them.

No ache or pain lasts forever.

Your mind may try tricking you into feeling stuck but experiences, feelings, and hurt do heal with time. (or at least your perspective may change)

Accept the hurt.

Silver linings do exist.

Instead of ‘why me’? Ask, ‘what now’?

Being quiet, still, and alone with your thoughts can open up hopeful revelations.

GOD gives us blessings. Be humble and grateful.

You may hurt. You may have lost. You may have been stripped down and be faced with having to rebuild, literally or metaphorically. But, those hard life lessons make us stronger. We may not have wanted them but we have survived them, somehow.

May 2017 bring peaceful moments, loving relationships, new understandings, exciting adventures, and hopeful hearts! Bring it 2017!

HAPPY New Year!

(click above to watch and listen. Life is precious)


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