Some people never learned to share

One of the earliest and hardest skills for children to understand and navigate is sharing. Any parent who has more than one child understands this well. Sibling rivalry is real! And, poor preschool teachers mediate every day, as little ones expect everything to be about just them. The world revolves around them, and often times family reinforces this at home when the child rules to roost.

A little girl stomping her foot

But, kids need to learn how to balance their own needs with the needs of others and not get what they want all the time, or they grow up always expecting to only get their way. It seems like we are in a stage in this country where many adults are also struggling with expecting to get what they want, not sharing, nor compromising. The notion of ‘my way or no way’ is being modeled by the highest political office in the world. Some adults never learned to share!

I recently saw a post on social media that put things in perspective. Many adults on both sides of the fence don’t get it.


Repeat that again. It doesn’t have to be either/or.  Sometimes we have to share. This is what we used to teach children to do. But, is this a dying value?

We must teach our kids to:

  • share the spotlight
  • share their time
  • share their friends
  • share their resources, toys, and ‘stuff’
  • share their responsibilities
  • share their feelings
  • share their gifts

Too often, the lack of these actions leads to anger and upset. We have to help our kids grow out of this toddler stage of wanting to have everything for themselves, and pointing fingers when they can’t have everything they want. We must continue to teach and expect kindness.  Not sharing leads to a selfish world where greed becomes center stage. We can do better.

There are too many examples where conflicts in school boils down to not sharing. When one person thinks he’s more important than the next, problems will arise. It doesn’t have to be this way in school, at home, or in the world. And, when my rights or actions cause you harm, disrepect you, or give you less of a chance or opportunity, then these aren’t rights that I am owed. That’s not fair. Instead of choosing paranoia, fear, and insecurity, let’s choose to share more and fight less. The pie is actually pretty big and if I have some, there will still be some for you. Let’s share!



#peace  #Muslimswelcomehere #trueAmericans #lovethyneighbor #notscaredofrefugees

Refugee families want the same things you and I want for our families. Click to watch a brave Syrian family living in Knoxville, and the American dream! (And, below is a friend who escaped from Congo, moved to Knoxville with his family, and finished his degree.)






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