“He wants money.”

Just a few minutes ago, I almost believed Brody was actually being kind towards his sister, Anna, for a second, a rarity indeed! She’s been suffering with some seasonal allergies and her eyes have been itchy and red for the past week. It’s always worse outside.

So when we came inside, she couldn’t stop rubbing her irritated eyes. She washed her hands, popped a Zyrtec, and got a fresh, wet washcloth while whining a bit. Meanwhile, Brody walked by and asked what was wrong.

That alone was unusual and kind for him so I noticed and commented that I liked hearing that empathy. He then said, “I hope you feel better, Anna!”. Now, this was a sweet and very odd thing for him to say! And, I’m like…awww, that’s so sweet, Brody! (thinking, he’s such a sweet brother, I’m raising him right, etc., etc.!)

After I complimented this statement, Anna simply replied in an unimpressed monotone voice, “he wants money.”

😂She gave him money earlier in the week when he was upset with her to try to cheer him up. Truly, it was him that needed to apologize to her on this occasion for his bad attitude, but she just wants to please him. (And, he really wants new soccer cleats and is broke!)

So, did she bribe him into being nice?! No money was exchanged and I don’t know what his intention was…





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