Welcome to my blog dedicated towards raising socially conscientious, kind, and well-balanced children. My name is Sarah Hamilton. As a mother of two and an Elementary School Counselor, I basically breathe children! Through both my parenting and counseling experiences, I have met all types of interesting, loving, and struggling families and children. Over the years, I’ve noticed universal themes, challenges, and needs for our children. Please join me as a parent or educator in raising children with love and teaching children to love.

CB 2014 072

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  1. amyrawe says:

    Awesome, Sarah! I’m so glad you’ll be sharing your insights with others. Those of us who have been lucky enough to learn from you know how wonderful you are.


  2. Thank you, Amy, for inspiring me. I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for you!


  3. Nanne says:

    Sarah, sooo cool you are doing this. I love reading your thoughts and because of your writing I am inspired to have faith that because of you, and people like you, there is actually hope for the future of this crazy world us older folks are leaving in your hands. Keep up the fabulous work! Love, Nanne


    1. Thank you, Nanne. That means a lot coming from someone like you. It’s my therapy, and also my hope that a parent or two may read and think twice. Love-Sarah


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